1. Introduction: a brief overview of the purpose and scope of the terms and conditions.
  2. User account creation: requirement to provide accurate information and restrictions on account sharing or transfer.
  3. Content usage: conditions of accessing and using the platform’s courses and materials, including any limitations on usage rights.
  4. User conduct: restrictions on activities such as harassment, cheating, plagiarism, or sharing copyrighted materials.
  5. Payment terms: details on payment methods, refunds, and charges for any additional services or products offered by the platform.
  6. Intellectual property: declaration of ownership of platform content and restrictions on use or duplication.
  7. Liabilities and warranties: disclaimer of warranties and limitations of the platform’s liabilities for any losses or damages incurred by users.
  8. Termination: conditions for the termination of user accounts, including the reasons for termination and the consequences of termination.
  9. Dispute resolution: process for resolving disputes between users and the platform, including the use of arbitration or mediation.
  10. Governing law: declaration of the jurisdiction and governing law that will apply to these terms and conditions.
  11. Changes to terms and conditions: provisions for updating and modifying the terms and conditions, and notification of any changes to users.
  12. Acceptance of terms: requirement for users to accept and abide by the terms and conditions in order to use the platform.