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Naveen Verma

Seasoned Entrepreneur with an experience of 2 decades

Vaneet Khurana

Global operation expert with over 20 years of experience

Avneet Kohli

Vision & Communication Coach, Startup Mentor, Corporate Trainer, Partner at StartUp Network Encubay

Sumeer Walia

Director Growth, Brand Strategist, Mentoring & Empowering Startups 

Asutosh Mahajan

Business Strategist, Corporate Advisory Board Member (LPU)

Dhruv Gupta

3x Entrepreneur, Product Innovation Management Consultant, Machine Intelligence

Seema Chaturvedi

Founder, Managing Partner at AWE (Achieving Women Equity) Funds

J K Sharma

Director, Convener-IPFC Steering Committee, Co-Chairman Education Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Punjab

Simran Sahni

CoFounder at Keeros, brand of Healthy roasted supersnacks, superfoods, super drinks & super meals

Gurmeet Singh Kular

President Federation of Industrial & Commercial Undertaking

Dimple Verma

Niti Aayog Certified Mentor, 10+ years in Edtech

Lottie Mukuka

Curriculum Developer & Training Head

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